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Nationwide site with up to date information on finding local NHS dentists. Search for dentists, hygienists and dental technicians in G13 or anywhere in the UK.

Dental Surgeries - both Private and NHS

Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry Glasgow

154 Hyndland Road (2 floors), Glasgow G12 9HZ, UK – 0141 339 7579

Fantastic practice; the team are lovely, patient and work fantastically together, and make every effort to accomodate your requests.

I was 15 when I visited the clinic. I was there to gain work experience as an aspiring Dentist. I was there for three days and could not have felt more welcome. It is a stunning practice with everyone pulling together to make a truly extraordinary experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and this was down to the incredible facilities and the wonderful people there who were ready to help with an array of problems. I had an amazing time there and I urge anyone to take them on as their Dentist.

McNally Dental Care

248 Drumchapel Rd, Glasgow G15 6EG, UK – 0141 944 4449

Simply excellent dental care and patient service.

The dentists and staff are lovely, I couldn't have picked better

Boclair Dental Care

91 Milngavie Rd, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 2EN, UK – 0141 942 9891

Very happy Boclair Dental practice. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who is nervous about going to the dentist.

Most useful NHS dental surgery search. Not only can you find dental practices in the Glasgow area or Lanarkshire but you can see all the services that they provide and often their patient ratings.
NHS24.com. The Scottish NHS Service - search for doctors and dentists throughout Scotland

To find local GP & doctors surgeries for Local doctors surgeries for Glasgow and G13 2XD. You can not only see all sorts of things about GP surgeries which you might find really useful (including whether they are accepting new patients or not!) Crucially you can also enter a medical condition and see where it can be treated near Glasgow and get general guidelines as to how long you might be in hospital for say a hip replacement. Each hospital is different. You might find this either worrying or comforting!

Doctors serving the Glasgow area

Northcote Surgery

2 Victoria Circus, Glasgow G12 9LD, UK – 0141 339 3211

Yesterday I went to the toilet at 5.00.a.m and couldn't pass urine. Saw the doctor who after examining me phoned for an ambulance which took me to The Royal Infirmary where they catheterised me and gave me a very thorough check up. They think that it is a urinary infection so gave me antibiotics. So no G&T for a week. I have to keep the catheter in for a month or more with a bag on my leg. So for a while I can say "Its in the Bag!" I can't thank enough my GP the ambulance team and the great team at the Royal. Thanks to Craig who inserted the catheter and the lovely Chinese lady who took all the bloods then the Irish consultant who allowed me to go home Not being able to pee for almost 8 hours is not to be recommended. We must protect the NHS in Scotland from the predatory Westminster government.

This surgery is fantastic, anytime I've called them needing to be seen on the day they've been able to give me an emergency appointment within a few hours. The one time they were unable to see me face to face they had a doctor phone me and do an over the phone consultation after which I was given a prescription. I've heard some horror stories in my time of people who have had such an awful time with their surgery but I can honestly say I can't relate. I will never leave here if I can help it.

Denbridge Surgery

96 Drymen Rd, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 2SY, UK – 0141 942 9494

Very good medical practice. All the staff, GPs and nurses provide an excellent service

Excellent service Dr Coombes went out of her way to help me

Fulton Street Medical Centre

94 Fulton St, Glasgow G13 1JE, UK – 0141 959 3391

Have been a patient at this surgery for nearly 30 years! EXCEPTIONAL doctors and reception staff...Have had appointments with all Gp's at the practice but i do have my favourites...Dr McArtney and Dr Ewart..Keep up the good work.😊

All the Doctors are exceptional, I have been with the surgery for 28 years and have never had any complaints about my treatment. They have seen me through a few dramas and illnesses in my life and with their support and expertise got me through them. I will always be eternally grateful to the medical team and wonderful Receptionists. It is great to be able to thank them all in public. Thank you everyone.🌻

NHS and Private Hospitals in G13 and throughout Lanarkshire

Gartnavel General Hospital

1053 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G12 0YN, UK – 0141 211 3000

I attend the diabetic centre as a type1 diabetic and have done for years. Find staff very attentive and helpful. Friendly and always helping to put a smile back on your face when your struggling. Very insightful and caring. Reason for 4 stars is because lack of staff at times in the past.

Ward 8c looked after my dad incredibly well. A fantastic team of nurses and lovely Doc Hannah. Care was outstanding right up until..and after my dad's death. I'll be forever grateful to them x

Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital

25 Beaconsfield Rd, Glasgow G12 0PJ, UK – 0141 334 9441

I am currently 2 weeks post op from Lumbar surgery and can only say my treatment at the Nuffield Glasgow was first class and continues to be. All the staff were fantastic and my Consultant Mister Deans I would recommend to anybody. They have all been extremely helpful during the whole process to date and I cannot fault the service at all. Nothing is to much trouble for them. One of my treats was the lady who dealt with the meals etc Ann Robertson she would bring a smile to anybodies face no matter how much pain you are in. So in conclusion if you are looking for treatment I would highly recommend this facility.

The staff from the cleaning ladies catering staff nurses and doctors fantastic service

NHS Centre for Integrative Care

1053 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G12 0NR, UK – 0141 211 1600

If we fund this why won't we fund goat sacrifice? This is Scotland - the home of the Enlightenment. Let's all get a grip. I've given this five stars because, i) I don't believe in pixies, and ii) I wouldn't want the pixie worshippers to complain that I'd unwarrantedly reduced the pixie score. This rubbish can be condemned on a number of grounds, but John Stuart Mill's notion of the "spirit of an institution" really hits the nail on the head. The "spirit" is the impression some arrangement makes on the mind of the citizen. How many thousands have died because we've built a monument to stupidity and funded it through taxation? How many people have been misled about the way the universe works, to their terrible disadvantage, by this nonsense?

If you suffer chronic pain and fatigue you will not find better support and care than at the Centre for Integrative Care. You are given coping mechanisms where you will not get anywhere else in Glasgow. You are well supported but never judged.

Private medical clinics in G13 Abortion Advice, Acupuncture Practitioners, Cosmetic Surgery, Electrolysis & Laser Hair Removal Pregnancy Testing, Travel Clinics and Vasectomy

Private Medical Clinics serving Glasgow

Nuffield Glasgow Fertility Services (NGFS)

Glasgow Nuffield Hospital, 25 Beaconsfield Rd, Glasgow G12 0PJ, UK – 0141 576 2800

I love coming here! They have a great sperm bank! That is one bank that I don't mind leaving a deposit in.

Harmony Kinesiology

575 Anniesland Rd, Glasgow G13 1UU, UK – 0141 959 2042

Jim and Claire have outstanding teaching abilities. TFH Level 1 was presented in a relaxed and calm environment. The snacks that were provided, were excellent nutritional, healthy options with lots of variety accommodating all dietary requirements. There was also a great balance between practical and academic learning. Can’t wait to go on Level 2

I come to Claire and Jim when I am in need of a breakthrough in my life. They are both highly trained, intuitive healers and beautiful people. At first I came for help with managing stress but that evolved into something much deeper and more fulfilling. I never hesitate to suggest people come to Claire and Jim for their latest approaches, they make an incredible difference to peoples lives.

Clinica Medica

49 Crow Rd, Glasgow G11 7SH, UK – 0141 356 6969

I have just been through the two stage eyebrow microblading procedure and cannot rate Valerie high enough. She immediately puts you at ease and at all times keeps the customer in the driving seat putting their needs and wishes first. Valerie is highly professional and I am absolutely delighted with the finished result. She is a lovely helpful lady and I highly recommend her work should you be thinking of this procedure...Thanks again Val..

I rarely recommend a business but this one is a must! I have had my brows and lash lines microbladed by Valerie. Her work Is beautiful and I couldn't be happier with the results. I was very pleasantly surprised at how easy and painless it was to have done. Valerie has a very professional manner and her attention to detail and hygiene is second to none. If you are looking for a truly professional look then Clinica Medica is definitely the place to go, my only regret is I didn't get it done sooner. Try it - it will completely transform your face - I guarantee you'll not regret it!

Travel Clinics

Hogarth Pharmacy & Travel Clinic

308 Crow Rd, Glasgow G11 7HS, UK – 0141 339 0304

Good chemist but must admit doubt at chemist could beat Paul at boots in broomhill,not only for how friendly Paul and rest of his team are but a so how fast they are as they have your medication waiting on you soon as u go in.so don't get what your problem is with Paul as everyone or most folk think he's a great guy and he cares unlike lots of places.

Great wee chemist, nice staff and quicker than the bell end Paul from boots

Brownlee Centre

1053 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G12 0YN, UK – 0141 211 1074

I'd be dead without them, dead. I came from a clinic elsewhere after a diagnosis a few years ago. They've given care in so many ways, and are genuinely not paid enough or given enough of everything they need. All healthcare could be modelled on the running of this one clinic. The donated books, the fish tank, the television, even the way they don't bother with stigma and just blare out your name - we're all there for something, and shouldn't judge. The doctors are, in a word, phenomenal. You can shoot the breeze with them discussing all the different elements of your condition and the different medicines. The nurses are so caring and funny, imagine coming somewhere medical and feeling depressed about a diagnosis and someone saying, "You know, we're also known to give good cuddles?" Melt 😍 And omg there's this one in the main hospital pharmacy, and she's gas, I swear she's so engaging and lovely. I hope I'm not getting anyone named or in trouble with this review because that would be the worst, I only have good will and thanks towards these glorious souls, please NHSGGC, give them everything and anything they ask for, and thank you as well to NHSGGC for putting the south to absolute shame ♥️♥️

The staff, and support they give, they're angels, talk and treat others with illnesses with dignity and respect, so if you need there help, then go!! They've done so much for me in my illness,, above and beyond the call of duty, God bless all that need their help, support, for what Eva tht maybe,

Abingdon Medical Practice

12 Stewartville St, Glasgow G11 5PE, UK – 0141 339 0902

I'm a fairly recent new patient at this practice but so far, I can't fault them. I had several appointments with the nurse for a cut that was causing me some concern but she made me feel at ease and dispelled my concerns and sure enough, she got me all patched up like she promised. I've been back since and got a different nurse and she was just as friendly and helpful, and the receptionists too are quite welcoming.

Find the Accident & Emergency department closest to you by using the NHS website.
Local Family Planning centres in G13 Related Headings often listed: Abortion Advice Clinics - N.H.S. Counselling Services & Advice Services. Pregnancy Testing
NHS Local Health Authorities - find the LHA for Glasgow. Major NHS Hospitals are also listed

Health Centres, Travel Clinics, Sports Injury Clinics, Hospitals. Click the MORE for the full list.

Community Centre For Health

547 Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow G11 6HU, UK – 0141 211 1400

THEE MOST friendly staff on reception and cleaning. They truly go above and beyond.

Arndale Resource Centre

80-90 Kinfauns Dr, Glasgow G15 7TS, UK – 0141 211 6184

Nibble ma jibblets

Kessington Medical Centre

85 Milngavie Rd, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 2DN, UK – 0141 212 0700

Great team!

Hospices for Children and Adults

St Margaret of Scotland Hospice

E Barns St, Clydebank G81 1EG, UK – 0141 952 1141

This is an excellent place. The care given is second to none. It is run as a charity and all money raised is used to give care to the patients here.

I have been in Restaurants in Major Cities in the UK where you won't find the quality of food and service that you get in the Garden Resturant in St.Margarets Hospice in Clydebank.The service in all parts of the Hospice is First Class.

Sue Ryder

5 Dunlop Street, Renfrew PA4 8PQ, UK – 0141 885 2580

Lovely place and great for a bargain. Staff are friendly and always chatty.


17-19 Dunlop Street, Renfrew PA4 8PG, UK – 0141 561 1048

Would sell so much more if garments were on hangers stating size every other charity shop does this and its so much easier to look through garments that are your size.

Sports injury clinics within the Glasgow area
Find a NHS Walk In Centre closest to Glasgow.

Dispensing Chemists around Glasgow

Many dispensing chemists also do Photographic Processing and Wine Making & Home Brewing Equipment & Supplies! You could try searching on these headings as well.

Chemists and Pharmacists

Lloyds Pharmacy

263 Alderman Rd, Glasgow G13 3AY, UK – 0141 959 1914

Really helpful staff. And almost always have all the medication needed, I assume they have a fairly large stock because a big chemist.

A large, clean pharmacy with helpful staff and knowledgeable pharmacists. Their opening hours are by far the best in the local area - I've made many late night trips to this little place in seek of medicines / advice for my daughter and don't know what I would do without them!

Buchanan & Campbell Ltd

364A Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow G11 6RZ, UK – 0141 334 0353

Very friendly and helpful compared to customer service in Boots next door


298 Dyke Rd, Glasgow G13 4QU, UK – 0141 959 2456

Best chemist in the area. The staff are lovely, particularly Joan with the red hair. She always goes the extra mile.

The ladies that work there are really nice and friendly and do all they can to help you the only negative I would have to say is the time you have to wait for your prescriptions

Find online UK counsellors and psychotherapists near Glasgow, with information on their training and experience, areas of counselling, fees and contact details. This service is free, confidential & easy to use.

Care Homes

Residential care for the elderly in around Glasgow. Also listed are Nursing Homes and Residential Care Homes. Very much a starting point only but a useful reference none the less.
Jordanhill Care Home

533 Anniesland Rd, Glasgow G13 1TP, UK – 0141 954 9582

Very friendly staff all round clean and tidy surroundings

Almond View Care Home

5 Drumchapel Pl, Drumchapel Rd, Glasgow G15 6BN, UK – 0141 944 8893

My Mum spent the last 6 months of her life here we were very worried putting her into a care home after careing for her at home we were delighted and surprised at how well she was cared for bless everybody working there we will be eternally greàtfull

Westerton Care Home

116 Maxwell Ave, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 1HU, UK – 0141 942 5834

Large care home Has specialised wings for those with dementia

Abbotsford House

41 Drymen Rd, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 2RL, UK – 0141 942 9636

5 star care home Recently been awarded as one of the best in Scotland

Prachtige locatie & kasteel !!!

Antonine House

16 Roman Rd, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 2SL, UK – 0141 931 6080

Cheery staff, clean home & mum is content

Oakbridge Care Home

2032 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G13 2HA, UK – 0141 950 1793

Excellent staff. Much loved residents.

Click below to find when and where you can donate blood around you or in Lanarkshire. The National Blood Doning Website gives you full details of what a simple process this is and how valuable your blood can be.


Includes useful GP and dental surgery search by postcode, name or area - find NHS services near Glasgow
Very good site for finding local health services in and around Glasgow - doctors, dentists, stop smoking services, etc. Just type in your postcode to find services for G13.
National Health Service website with health encyclopaedia, self-help guide, stay healthy guide.

Sadly NHS Direct succumbed to rationalisation. We now ring 111 for problems which are less urgent than those requiring a 999 call.

However do have a look at this website. There is lots of good stuff in it. Jerome K Jerome eat your heart out!


Faith Johns Osteopathy

30 Hyndland Rd, Glasgow G12 9UP, UK – 07970 266474

After many many years of suffering lower back pain Faith sorted me out in about five or six sessions. That was a couple of years ago now but i am still pain free. Thank-you Faith you gave me back my freedom.


Tribune Court, 2 Roman Road, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 2SW, UK – 0141 562 3082

I hobbled in and from the very friendly receptionist to Ciaran who quickly assessed and began treating my heel I received 5 star treatment. I know I need a couple more appointments but I am feeling much more comfy already. Thank you.

Ciaran looked after my mum fabulously! She is so happy to ‘feel human’ again! Thanks so much.

Jinsen Health

61 Milngavie Rd, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 2DW, UK – 0141 942 7521

Alternative Medicine around Glasgow

Alternative and complementary medicines and therapies in G13

Aromatherapists around Glasgow

We could not find any Aromatherapists around your location. Please click below to see full results from Google.

Buchanan Chiropractic

164 Hyndland Rd, Glasgow G12 9HZ, UK – 0141 339 2512

I had back pain through work and I went here. I had a few adjustments and my back was better! Friendly staff. Accommodating appoitment times and great service. I can thoroughly recommend this clinic.

Best Chiropractor is Glasgow

Bearsden Chiropractic Clinic

152 Drymen Rd, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 3RE, UK – 0141 570 0090

Daniel worked on my back last year and got me back to playing golf. I was in agony and over a few weeks he removed the pain. I now go every 4wks to keep everything fine. Money well spent. 😀

I went to Bearsden after hurting my back while on holiday. I went for the free consultation and my practitioner was Daniel -he was absolutely wonderful! I was not a good candidate at that time to remain as a patient bc of time restraints. However, I strongly recommend this place for your chiropractic needs. The fact that they offer a free consultation demonstrates their commitment to patient needs. As a medical professional myself, I was so very impressed from walking into reception, to meeting Daniel, and leaving. This place is solid and I'm damn sad they are not located in Michigan!

The Highland Clinic

170 Hyndland Rd, Glasgow G12 9HZ, UK – 0141 339 2512

Great place. Sara, the therapist, is a lovely, caring and understanding woman. I wholeheartedly recommend the clinic.

Homeopathy around Glasgow

Jenny Livingstone Homeopath M.A. R.S.Hom.

29 Clarence Dr, Glasgow G12 9QN, UK – 07717 601723


Lisa Chalmers Homeopathy Glasgow

The Lodge, 6 Jordanhill Cres, Glasgow G13 1UN, UK – 0141 954 6906

NHS Centre for Integrative Care

1053 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G12 0NR, UK – 0141 211 1600

If we fund this why won't we fund goat sacrifice? This is Scotland - the home of the Enlightenment. Let's all get a grip. I've given this five stars because, i) I don't believe in pixies, and ii) I wouldn't want the pixie worshippers to complain that I'd unwarrantedly reduced the pixie score. This rubbish can be condemned on a number of grounds, but John Stuart Mill's notion of the "spirit of an institution" really hits the nail on the head. The "spirit" is the impression some arrangement makes on the mind of the citizen. How many thousands have died because we've built a monument to stupidity and funded it through taxation? How many people have been misled about the way the universe works, to their terrible disadvantage, by this nonsense?

If you suffer chronic pain and fatigue you will not find better support and care than at the Centre for Integrative Care. You are given coping mechanisms where you will not get anywhere else in Glasgow. You are well supported but never judged.

Occupational Therapists

Aranthrue Centre

103 Paisley Rd, Renfrew PA4 8LH, UK – 0141 886 5921

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Board HQ

1055 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G12 0XH, UK – 0141 201 4444

Vision Express Opticians

Unit 4, Titanium House Braehead Shopping Centre, King's Inch Rd, Glasgow G51 4BP, UK – 0141 886 5036

Tienda de servicios y productos para la vista, óptica, lentes. Falta mejor atención y menores precios.

Boots Opticians

68, Braehead Shopping Centre, Glasgow G51 4BP, UK – 0345 125 3776

Amazing team. First class service all round . I cannot praise this department highly enough. Optometrist identified an issue that my GP had overlooked and prescribed appropriate medication. Every stage, from initial enquiry through to consultation and choosing new glasses was professional, efficient and a pleasure. I was made to feel that nothing was too much trouble. Excellent customer service from every member of the team who dealt with me and, believe me, that was more than a few!

Se encuentra dentro de la farmacia Boots. Muy profesionales​ en su atención y servicios. Amplia gama de monturas.

Hyndsight Optician

131 Hyndland Rd, Glasgow G12 9JA, UK – 0141 357 5667

I called Hyndsight Optician to book an appointment. The lovely lady told me on the phone not to worry about the appointment, just come along and she will fix the frame for free. Well, first I was a bit surprised, because by that time I contacted this company I was already freaked out by Specsavers.. Anyway, we went there and the optician lady sorted out the frame in no time, it was too loose. I would never go to Specsavers ever again, they are all about marketing and zero quality. All in all: I was extermely satisfied with Hyndsight Opticians. Thank you.

Short sighted as a result of an ongoing medical problem concerning my eyes. The people at HynHindsight could not be more professional, friendly and kind! Incredibly informative and reassuring, always smiling. I've spent a fair amount of time having my eyes treated and I couldn't recommend these guys more :)


Classical Osteopathy

26 Queensborough Gardens, Glasgow G12 9QS, UK – 0141 334 5757

I have been a patient of Hamilton's for 8.5 years and find his treatments really help my back. When I first went to see him in June 2008, I was in a lot of pain and after the first treatment it was immediately clear that it had helped. I now see him regularly every couple of months and am pain free. Highly recommended.

Hamiltons knowledge of how the back and connecting tissues work is extensive. I have had a few treatments to cure a sporting injury. I now have hope for the first time that i am on the road to recovery. I would recommend Classical Osteopathy without hesitation.

Bearsden Osteopaths

5 Kirk Rd, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 3RG, UK – 0141 942 0629

After years of searching for an osteopath that could fix my lower back problems, I found Linda! She truly has magical hands and puts her all into getting you pain free and back to full mobility. Over the years, Linda has helped me not just with my lower back, but many muscular issues including elbow tendonitis, shin splints and wrist pains. She's highly professional and will make you at ease quickly. She also packs in time to give you exercises to do at home.

I've been going to Linda for years whenever I suffer with labyrinthitis. I had reached a point where it was making me miserable daily and tablets and exercises from the NHS had done nothing. Linda is fantastic and her treatment has meant I have sometimes gone over a year without any symptoms. She is very skillful, highly professional and also very kind so I always feel completely confident in her treatment. I recently suffered from vertigo, which was very unpleasant and alarming but one visit to Linda dealt with this completely. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Semple Hamilton

26 Queensborough Gardens, Glasgow G12 9QS, UK – 0141 334 5757

I attend Hamiltons' clinic on a regular basis with low-back and neck pains, on leaving the clinic after treatment I am completely pain free and invigorated. This is down to Hamiltons' skills and abilities in dealing with the musculoskeletal system of the body. I highly recommend Classical Osteopathy to fellow sufferers-wherever in your body the pains occur, with gentle manipulation and adjustments Hamilton can always help.

Physiotherapy in G13

Glass Karen

37 Southbrae Dr, Glasgow G13 1PU, UK – 0141 586 7077

Amazing physio!! Went there because of neck pain and I couldn't turn my head properly. It was getting to a point where it was affecting my sleep. always pull my muscles quite easily due to training in circus arts so that's probably what triggered it. But just after one session with Karen it improved significantly!! And i slept so much better that week! The problem was completely resolved with 2 sessions and I've been doing stretches that she recommends which seems to keep the pain away quite well. Definitely recommend her to anyone! :)

Simpson Physiotherapy

59 Marlborough Avenue, Marlborough Ave., Glasgow G11 7BS, UK – 07988 015190

I have been suffering badly from neuropathy following chemotherapy treatment and have been very debilitated, almost immobile. Since working with Fraser for approx two months , my condition has improved immeasurably, so much so that I’m now able to get around unaided and get up and downstairs. I would highly recommend Fraser as he is an excellent practitioner as well as a very caring person .

I have been attended by Fraser Simpson for approximately nine months. Initially, following spinal invasion of a metastasis from prostate cancer, I was confined to a wheel chair and only able to walk a few steps. Nine months later, I can walk without assistance for distances up to three or four miles and I am sure that is in no small way due to his care and recommendations of appropriate exercises. Fraser is a thoroughly competent practitioner, knows the underlying physiology and anatomy very well and makes excellent diagnoses of cause when given the symptoms. In addition, he is a delightful person to work with, with a very warm and pleasant disposition. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone in need of a physiotherapist, especially with symptoms requiring a neurophysiotherapist.

Berkley Kemp Physiotherapy

Great Western Golf Clydebank, 2700 Great Western Road, Glasgow G81 2XT, UK – 07792 043241

On the two occasions I have had injuries and had to use Berkley Kemp I have found them to be very professional and excellent in the service provided. After following the advice and exercises recommended on both injuries the improvement within a couple of visits was great and was back to usual exercise regime within weeks. Would most certainly recommend them.

Would highly recommend Berkley Kemp Physiotherapy. Karen was brilliant and gave me great advice and treatment to help with my injury. She has a great knowledge and really makes you feel at ease.

Psychiatrists serving G13

Gartnavel Royal Hospital

1055 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G12 0XH, UK – 0141 211 3600

Pretty good Staff is nice

Free parking! Unheard of south of border!

Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre

1053 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G12 0YN, UK – 0141 301 7000

My wife and I are watching the BBC documentary and it brings back memories of wonderful staff in the clinical trials department where my wife and daughter visited every Wednesday. This was a HAPPY place not doom and gloom by any means, when they went there they met so many wonderful staff and made so many wonderful friends still to this day. Every Wednesday one of the visitors accompanying a patient had a great singing voice so they all had a great sing song, with other joining in, many laughed and said is it gin in the infusion instead of chemo. A truly truly wonderful place.

Staff are great but the waiting time for your appointments and the pharmacist are papal ing you can spend 4 hours hanging about for 10 minutes with the consultants .I have to get someone to bring me up so they have to wait 4 + hours as well. The consultants should have numbers allocated and patients take a ticket for the consultant as obviously appointments are not working i am always left to be taken 1hour 30 mins after it's time I am booked for. Then I have to wait from 1>2 hours for pharmacy which is no joy bearing in mind I have a 50 mile round trip. Regards Sandra Fleming

Scottish Association For Mental Health

20 Essenside Ave, Glasgow G15 6DX, UK – 0141 944 1638

This is a great service and the staff are fantastic they help people with mental health and help them get back into the community I would highly recommend this service to you

Psychotherapy around Glasgow


14 Eider, Glasgow G12 0FD, UK – 0141 586 8550

resilient mindset

105 Hyndland Rd, Glasgow G12 9JD, UK – 0141 433 6151

Affordable Counselling Glasgow

67 Acre Rd, Glasgow G20 0TL, UK – 0141 280 5485

NHS Choices website with details of Stop Smoking Services, contact information and location map. Search for help to quit smoking in Glasgow

Reflexology around Glasgow

L a McGuire

577 Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow G11 6HU, UK – 0141 357 0758

Laura is amazing at her job - great service and value for the time and care that she puts into her work. I highly recommend booking with Laura for any foot problems - she will put you at ease, provide advice and sort your foot issues all with a smile.

Laura was fantastic. Very knowledgeable and gave great advice and treatment. Would happily recommend her and will be back with any further issues.

Pregnancy/Maternity Reflexology & Massage

21 Dowanhill St, Glasgow G11 5QR, UK – 07890 471584

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